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Teamster Corruption and the Consent Decree

November 28, 2008: In 1989, top Teamster leaders agreed to create the Independent Review Board, a body that investigates and polices corruption in our union. In 1988, the federal government filed a racketeering lawsuit and tried to put our entire International Union under government trusteeship. Teamsters for a Democratic Union launched a campaign to stop the trusteeship and instead give Teamster members the power to reform our own union by winning the right to vote...

Rewarding Failure with Pay Increases

September 19, 2008: CEOs who destroy Teamster jobs get rewarded with concessions. Teamster officials who negotiate the concessions get rewarded with pay hikes. What is wrong with this picture? The CEOs who brought us the sub-prime mortgage crisis and Wall St. meltdown have been handsomely rewarded for their failures. The press reports that Lehman Brothers CEO Richard Fuld made $45 million last year while he drove his firm over the cliff. That’s $17,000 an hour!...

IBT Muscles in on Chicago Freight Talks

September 17, 2008: In an unprecedented move, James Hoffa has imposed International Union control over the bargaining of Local 705’s freight contract. Freight Teamsters in Local 705 are covered by their own contract which is separate from the National Master Freight Agreement. In ongoing bargaining, Local 705 has focused on protecting union jobs—including guarding against the diversion of work to YRC Logistics. The same issue is being contested in other areas where it has been...

BNA Daily Labor Report: Hogan Agrees to Ban

August 14, 2008: Robert "Bobby" Hogan, secretary-treasurer and principal officer of Local 714 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, has agreed to a permanent ban from his Chicago-based local to resolve disciplinary charges brought by the body charged with ridding the union of corrupt practices, parties to the agreement told BNA Aug. 13. Although the agreement bars Hogan from any affiliations with Local 714, he retains the right to become a member of any other...

Crain's Chicago Business: Bobby Hogan Exiled from Local 714

August 13, 2008: In the wake of misconduct allegations by a union watchdog, former McCormick Place Teamsters boss Robert A. Hogan has agreed to permanent exile from the local his family has run since the Depression. Without admitting wrongdoing, Mr. Hogan recently signed an agreement with the Independent Review Board saying he’ll leave Teamsters Local 714 and never again serve as an officer, employee or member there, Crain’s has learned. A New York federal judge...
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Online Workshop: Winning the UPS Contract We Deserve in 2023

UPS Teamsters elected new International Union leadership in 2021. How can we win the contract we deserve in 2023? Register for this zoom workshop on Sunday, March 20, to talk with UPS activists and Teamster leaders about how to organize for a better UPS contract.


Sean O’Brien To Host Teamster Transition Update

Teamster General President-elect Sean Sean O’Brien will host a national zoom call to update members on the transition at the IBT on Sunday, February 27 at 1pm EST / noon CST / 11am MTN / 10am PST. All members are welcome but advance registration is required. Register here to have the zoom link sent to you before the call.

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